Wednesday, January 26, 2011

I'm Hired!

I start at Reel FX in Dallas at the end of February as an Animation Apprentice! My dream is to animate for films, and Ain't it a kick in the head; I'm about to start doing just that. I have loved learning about animation even before I started messing around with Maya 4.0 back in high school. I want to never stop learning and growing and being challenged. Clearly, God's plan for my life involves me reaching my dreams!


  1. Ah mate.... I'm sooo happy for you! I bet you feel like all that swearing at tangents has paid off now.

    Oh yeah, and it just goes to show - clearly a few people in the industry like your work as much as i do... So you're not allowed to hate it anymore.

    Well done my friend and all the luck in the world for the industry start.


  2. haha, thank you, Andrew. My best friend, my mom, and you are my three biggest fans!

  3. I knew you had it in you! I'm so proud of you! God is great 8DDDD