Saturday, June 29, 2013

"Rio 2" and "Peanuts"

I've had the great pleasure to animate on "Rio 2." Birds are my favorite to study and animate. Learning about the physics and using Blue Sky's amazing rigs was so delightful, but now I've been moved onto Pre-production for "Peanuts" which is even more exciting!

We are doing are best to be faithful to the beloved series and, frankly, I'm stoked how the style is looking. My experience with Reel FX's Looney Tunes shorts is coming in handy and might be a reason why I was trusted with the honor and responsibility of working Pre-Pro. I love it here, you guys.

"Turkeys" name changed to "Free Birds" and moved back to 2013

In front of Monsters University, the trailer for this Reel FX produced cartoon seems to be generally well received. I had one shot on the film, before leaving to Blue Sky, so I'm on the edge of my seat to see if my name will be in the credits. The trailer looks much funnier than what I had seen while there, so I'm excited for it. I wish RFX and my friends there all the best in regards to "Free Birds." November 1st 2013, y'all!

Some Closure for "Epic"

Working at Blue Sky Studios is something I hope to do for many years into the future. I'm closer to my family, I'm paid fairly, the position is staff, the people are wonderful, the morale is threw the roof. "Epic" has been out in theaters for over a month and will be on DVD in August; we've all moved onto new shows.

 It was not a financial hit for Blue Sky, but it was a significant landmark for my life. Seeing just how much joy and satisfaction I can find in a job is confirmation of the decisions, hard work, and years leading up to this moment. I've felt several times in the past that I had chosen poorly and the sacrifice wasn't worth the reward. I know now that all of this wasn't a mistake. I've worked at Blue Sky for a little over eight months and I've never been so happy with such bright prospects. I clearly see vast room to grow and have been shown trust by those up the ladder. If I'm sure about anything right now, it's that God's blessed me.

  Also, if you haven't seen "Epic," Blue Sky has a new logo with Awesome animation from Jeff Gabor!

AM blog post New Studio Challenges

Animation Mentor had a Blue Sky animator week on their blog and kicked it off with me. You can read my entry here if you'd like.